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The experiment

There is no formula for creative process. It is fluid and transient, allowing singular thoughts to merge and evolve in unexpected ways. The Experiment conveys the evolution of an idea in the form of an organism.

A few weeks back a few of us stumbled upon the „see whats possible” challenge for adobe and decided it would be a fun chance to work on a project together. The guidelines were to create a compelling 15 second animation under the „see whats possible” theme using adobe products.

The animation is a culmination of stop motion, live elements shot on HD Cam, and animated still images we shot on a light table. All elements were doctored and composited in Photoshop and After Effects.

Credits are as follows:

The Action Cats at GSP
Design: Lisa Mishima
Animation: Chris Kelly, Mike Landry, Colin Trenter
Sound design: Shannon Botts
Producer: Nick Brown


Kategoria: design, motion


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